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This page is to acknowledge your contribution and let Clive and Wendy know of all the goodwill and warm wishes that are out there. Thank you so much for your pledges and donations.

Aunty Lesley (first out of the starting blocks, she gets the totaliser moving)
Trevor (Clive's dad)
Simon Roberts
Linda und Peter Schueller (aus Deutschland)
Susie Taylor (Aunty Lesley's best friend) 
Paul and Brian 
Lucy Bergman (the first to use the PayPal 'donate' button!) 
Stuart et Gabrielle Anderson (en France)
Ele und Toby (aus Deutschland)
Donald Rhorer (USA)
Andrew Brown
Greig Johnson
Kristyna Baczynski 
Gayle Young
John and Maureen 
Michael und Sigrid Dulski (aus Deutschland) 
Gemma Thorpe
Dave and Diana Nichols
Louise Wills 
(Kenneth) Clive Egginton (a namesake from Wolverhampton)
Sarah du Feu
Lydia Capriani
Ben Regan
Natalie Williams 
Mick Marston
Graham Hibbert
Polina Ovsjannikova
Patrick Green
Chrysso Cosmas
Rachel Phelan
Amalia Muñoz
Amy Mackay
Remy Millar
Tom Harrison
Amy Prescott
Graham Stephen
Sally Linsdell 
Ashleigh Armitage
Poling Chow
David Beckitt
Keith Bryant
Jackie and Sophie
Hannah Ellis
Gemma Gallon
Jo and Martyn Rainford 
Ken Buxton
Stephanie Gale
Katie Bigg
Amy Jackson
Colin Nichols
Peter Darnborough
Sonja Goldbach
Amy Lord
Anne Morgan
Cheryl Smith
Neil Davies
Matt Smith
Ruth Wills
Holly Ormrod
Alex Buxton
Edward Wall
Joe Barritt
Adam Stockwell
Dane Cross
Michael Turner
Thomas de Gay
Aidan Winterburn
Daniel Prothero
Ria Kirke
I A Truelove
Mark Cocksedge
Jennifer Conway
Sonja Goldbach
Robin Vick
Jo Hassall
Kevin Bacon
Chris Roudette
Geoff Egginton
Rebecca Anderson
Frances Russell
Satianpong Jiamsakul
Samuel Kippax
Cheryl Bailey
Roy Darlison
Ben Barker
Andrew and Sue Sherrington
Amber Hartley 
Nicholas Isden
Christine Ludlow
Marianne Kinkel and Michael Yount (USofA)
Clare Tittershill
Christine Hayes
Lynne Barraclough
Richie Birss
Casey Orr
Annette Farrer
Rob Scargill
Leigh and Richard Lawson
Kevin Hooper
Sarah Gollins
Chris Conheeney
James Fuller
Wendy Hallatt
Claire Tasker
Andy Edwards
Tim Priest
Jane Bowles
David Wall
Kevin Wall
John and Karen

K W Mee
Alice Withers
Ruth Dickens
Ander Melgar

Geoff Egginton (again)
Liz Anderson
Tracy Tunbridge 



Ellain Man
Emily Hughes
Thomas Fenton
Victoria Spofforth
Linda Schueller
Pamela Leon
Emma Gillis
Azeem Ali
Kara Lloyd
Chris Bentham
Peter Winter
Matt Davies
Kevin Rowley
Robert Farrer 
Frances Eccleston 
Catherine Powell
Simon Beckett