Chosen image

Why this image? We need an image that works well with Juan's technique and a clear background is useful. Clive is an ethnographic documentarist... or perhaps he is a documentary ethnographist. Either way, he's in the middle of where it's really happening and it hasn't been easy to find a conventional portrait with a clean background in his immense archive of work. Marcus Sarko, an ex-student of Clive's with good understanding of Clive's library and a debilitating allergy to Clive's and Wendy's two cats (which he's currently looking after) dug out this image of Dave Howe.

Dave is a local boxer, who's work-a-day life Clive has been documenting. Very typically for Clive — as you'll easily understand — he and Dave have become firm friends. Clive understands and clearly remembers which image we've chosen, which will hopefully make it easier for him to learn how to 'look at' this image with his fingers