Monday, 31 March 2014

We're up and running !

This is the website we'll be using to coordinate the fund raising for the printing of on of Clive's photos into a tactile image. An example of Juan Torre's work, the only one of its kind currently in the UK, is being shipped to Sheffield this week. As soon as we have a photo of Clive with the image, so you can better understand what the project is all about, we'll go large with the publicity, hoping to raise the target as quickly as possible.

My next job is to work out how to embed a PayPal donate button and a counter, so you can see how much money has been raised so far. In the meantime, if you've stumbled upon this site and want to donate, please email me at stuart [at] (replcaing the 'at' with @) with the amount you would like to pledge. So far, we are up to £400.


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