Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The PayPal donate button works

The PayPal donate button is now configured. Paul (Clive's younger brother) sent some small change to see how it worked and make sure that it arrived here. While I was still sorting that out, Lucy Bergman surprised me with her donation (thank you Lucy) so I can absolutely confirm that it works.

PayPal is free for you to use but does charge me 3.4% + 25p per transaction so, for bigger donations (say over £100) please email me stuart [at] mail22.net (replacing the 'at' with @) and 'll send you account details so you can make a bank transfer. Otherwise, for smaller amounts, you may find the PayPal button very convenient, so please don't hesitate to use it.

The RNIB is despatchinging their copy of Juan Torre's work today, so it should be in Sheffield some time tomorrow. We'll post a photo just as soon as Clive has it in his hands. As you can see from our totaliser at the top we still have 1825€ to raise.

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