Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Clive feeling and seeing the tactile image

Without doubt, Clive regaining some of his vision has made his first interaction with the tactile image of his mate, the Sheffield boxer Dave Howe, much easier and more pleasurable. We have perhaps got a bit carried away with the idea of "seeing by feeling" and Euin Hill a volunteer trustee of the Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind who is himself visually impaired — explained to me that sensing an image by touch takes time to learn. Euin went on to explain that a visually-impaired person will appreciate the tactile image in a different way (from a sighted person) enjoying proportion and texture. Clive's partial vision will have helped him to get a sense of this huge print. It's seems a bit too big for Clive, almost as big as his bed, so the picture had to be rotated through 90º for him to get to feel Dave's head and boxing gloves. He might be able to touch it more easily the next time the physios call help him into his grandfather's chair. 

Enjoy the video of Clive and his tactile photograph, taken by Wendy on her iPhone and edited by their friend Marcus Sarko. 

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