Sunday, 25 May 2014

Juan Torre interview on the BBC World Service programme Outlook

Journalist Marco Silva interviews Juan Torre for the BBC World Service’s programme Outlook. Click on the banner below. Once the webpage opens, drag the slider to 27:00 to get the start of the interview. At 34:47, Juan starts talking about Clive and his tactile image.

"Spanish photojournalist Juan Torre began to suffer from Behcet's syndrome - a rare disease that left him almost totally blind by the age of 30. Despite being unable to make out more than shapes and colours, Juan didn't give up photography altogether. He talks about how he adapted his techniques and came up with an idea to help blind people explore his photos through touch."

There are more details and photos on the Outlook Facebook page : scroll down to May 14th and 15th. 

One of their listeners, Ojambo Muza, commented, "Thanks Juan, this is one way to show our brothers and sisters with disabilities that the world cares about them and that they are part of us!"

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