Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A kid's interpretation of Dave Howe

This project began by asking Estudios Durero to create their Didú version of a one of Clive's photos of his close friend, Sheffield boxer Dave Howe. The purpose was to let Clive connect again with his passion for photography through touch, having lost his sight due to cancer.

The exhibition, opening in just two days time, will have twenty photos, from Clive and his friends, displayed with tactile images prepared by the RNIB. The artistic term is a diptych (not a dipstick, which is for measuring the oil in your car's engine). The centre piece was planned as the photo of Dave Howe, with the Spanish and RNIB versions of tactile images: a triptych.

But, at the last minute, we have a wonderful addition, another interpretation of rendering Dave Howe in tactile form. Visually impaired children from the Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind (SRSB) working together, have created their own version, so we have ourselves a tetraptych or quadriptych.
Clive first became involved with the various children’s groups at SRSB when he was working on interviews and photographs for Sheffield Archive. The groups who worked on the project have a range of sight conditions, from partially sighted to no functional vision. They were actively involved in selecting the different elements to make the picture, having discussions about which media would best represent different parts, such as the boxing gloves and the hair. 

The children worked on this image in two sessions, beginning by building the body and then later adding the papier maché and finally the paint and the ropes of the boxing ring. The people at the SRSB are very proud of the picture and the work of the children, and hope that it makes an interesting addition to the exhibition.

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