Friday, 4 April 2014

An example of Juan Torre's tactile images arrives in Sheffield

Here is the image that was delivered to Clive yesterday. It's of Aziza Brahim, taken at the concert in the Plaza Nueva in Bilbao in 2011. Straight on, on 2-D it seems to me very contrasty and with some real texture, no Photoshopping to smooth out the pores in her skin. It is a striking image, close up and personal. This is a textural image but, unlike braille text, this can be see and enjoyed by sighted people.

photo credit: Wendy Wall

Move closer and we can see the texture that allows us to feel the image. In the same way that braille seems like a random, morse code of dots to the uninitiated, 'seeing' by feeling has to be learnt. Clive has now got this image to practice on before his photo of Dave Howe arrives.

photo credit: Wendy Wall

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