Friday, 11 April 2014

News from Spain and a boot fair not to miss in Otley

Do you fancy buying some old toot that someone's cleared out of their attic and is hoping to shift this weekend. You don't need it, you don't want it but it's all in a good cause. You can put it in your own attic, keep it there for a year or two and then take it back to a boot fair to try to sell on. Who knows, it might even have gone up in value. I'm trying for a cheap laugh of course but it is by way of telling you that Amber Hartley, an ex-student of Clive's, is holding a car boot sale on Sunday in Otley, West Yorks, starting at 12 noon and all profits that she makes will be donated to Clive's tactile image exhibition fund. Clive was not only her photography tutor "and the best one at that" but also her personal tutor. She'll have a poster and donation box there, so you can contribute without being obliged to buy any dusty old crap that you don't need. Best of luck, Amber !

News from Cristina Velasco at Estudios Durero : "We have begun with the process, at the first step the team has a meeting to think and talk about how to develop the volume in the photograph, where to apply the textures and the different levels taking in account the information that we get from the photograph. It is a very important step, because the final result depends on how the volumes and textures are defined by the team."

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