Sunday, 20 April 2014

Ultra close-up photos of a Didú tactile photo

Marcus Sarko has taken some macro close-up shots of the surface of Juan Torre's tactile photo of Sahrawi singer, Aziza Brahim (see blog post of 4th April). 

You can see the texture is incredibly rich and varied, much more complex than the images produced by the RNIB's method.

Click on an image to view them in larger size.

Clive's photo of Dave Howe is currently being worked on by Estudios Durero in Spain to turn it into a tactile image, a process they've called Didú. We will also commission the RNIB to process the same image using their technique and it will be fascinating to see and feel them alongside each other. We're not expecting to pick a winner, to suggest one is better than the other, but it will be interesting to hear how Clive is able to interpret them.

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