Thursday, 17 April 2014

Update on Clive

Clive and Wendy wish to thank everyone for the amazing support they have received and the generous donations towards his project to bring photography to the visually impaired.  They are very touched by your messages.  They have received emails from far and wide reflecting Clive's amazing ability to connect with so many people on all different
Clive relaxing with Harry (Paul's dog)
levels.  Your messages are read to Clive (tears allowing in some cases) so please keep them coming.

Clive is making some progress in terms of the power to his legs.  His left leg is in a good state, it's the right one that is weaker, however he is making some progress. Paul reported, "Good exercises today. Lifted right leg 2 or 3 inches off floor for the first time."  Physios call by several times a week and put him though his paces. Clive continues with his exercises on the other days.  He has been standing and has got into his Grandad's antique chair, which makes a pleasant change from his bed.

He remains positive. So should we!

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