Saturday, 5 April 2014

When one picture becomes an exhibition.

Wow! Better than Blue Peter, we’ve raised all the money and more in just five days. I spoke to the printers in Spain yesterday afternoon as I’m keen to get the month-long printing process started as promptly as possible. Not speaking Spanish, I typed in “is there anyone there that can speak English? I'm sorry, I do not speak Spanish.” I then pressed the loudspeaker button, and again, and again… until I thought I could repeat it. I phoned Estudio Durero and, when a woman answered, I slowly said“¿Hay alguien ahí que puede hablar Inglés? Lo siento, yo no hablo español.” It worked and I was put through to Cristina Velasco, who will manage this project for us. She now has the high-resolution scans, thanks to Marcus, and I will post updates of the printing process as I get them.

As it appeared that we would easily reach the target amount for one image I have been asking Wendy and Clive what they would like to do with the excess.

When we first suggested having one of Clive’s own photos printed up as a tactile image, he was captivated by the idea of making photography accessible by those visually impaired. He wants this personal project to benefit the wider community. He thinks that it would be a great idea if we could have an exhibition. He has worked with several groups of visually impaired people and thinks that that would be a good subject. I remember him telling me of an assignment where he took photos of some young blind kids rock climbing in a gym. How wonderful if we could find a way of rendering that photographic record in a way that those kids could relate to.

Must dash as I’m off to the bank to transfer the money to Spain. Please do keep donating and we’ll flesh out this larger project very soon.

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