Thursday, 3 April 2014

Waiting for a photo to show you

Yesterday morning, Juan Torre's tactile photo arrived and Wendy was able to take it in to show Clive in hospital. Clive's has become very tired by the daily radiotherapy and spends a lot of time sleeping. A little sleepy and not on best form, he was not able to make anything of this image at first. The image is quite small, about a foot square, for reasons of portability, I guess, as Juan brought it over from Spain to carry around and show people. It is of a woman's head wearing a scarf and has been cropped, so the whole shape of the head is not rendered.

Wendy went home not a little disappointed and wondering whether all this effort was worthwhile. When she returned to Clive for the early evening visit, he was wide awake and on good form and was much more interested in the image. Wendy and Clive agreed that it will be much easier for Clive to relate to the tactile image of one of his own photos, a picture of his boxer friend Dave Howe, which Clive has clearly in his head. Juan also suggested the minimum size for the print should be 95 x 65cm, aunque te parezca grande, es necesario para poder apreciar el relieve y recorrer la foto con las manos (although it may seem large, it is necessary be able to appreciate the relief by the hands 'walking' over the photo.)

Wendy pronounced the second 'viewing' of the image a great success and they both realise that this is not intuitive and that Clive has got to learn to 'see' a tactile photo using his hands in similar fashion to how one has to learn to read by braille. Clive is excited as ever by the project and overwhelmed by all the support and donations he's receiving.

We are 80€ short of the two-thirds marker on the totaliser. For any of Clive's impecunious students out there, don't be embarrassed to only donate a small amount, every euro counts and every extra name on the 'thank you' page very well received by Clive.

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