Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Progress report from Spain

Cristina Velasco has emailed to tell us what is happening to Clive’s photo of Sheffield boxer Dave Howe :

The volumes are already defined. It is surprising how much an image can hide if you try to see it with your hands, and this photograph has lots of nuances and details that have appeared during the process. Now we start with the tests. Technology comes into play, and as you know it is not an automatic process. The next step will help us to confirm that we have worked all the details properly and that our translation in volumes and shapes is faithful to the original image. It has to transmit the strength of the photograph with all its sense: sight and touch must work equally at the end.

Behind all this work there is a team of professionals (image retouchers, creatives, pre-press and art directors) who combine their experience in the image world and who have the access to the latest technology. This is the foundation of Estudios Durero, which allows us to invest in innovation and allows new ideas as Didú, our relief reproduction technique, be a reality.

In Estudios Durero, I am the link between my team and the artists. I am in charge of evaluating the projects and transmitting to the team what the challenge of each project is. Also I manage them from the beginning to the end. In some cases, as in this one, I have also enjoy the live emotional stories. 

I asked Cristina to send me a photo of herself. It made me smile that, when I received this image from the internationally famous and  technically brilliant Estudios Durero, I had to crop it and use Photoshop to lighten her face a bit!

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