Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Family and friends meet to discuss Clive's exhibition

Sue, Wendy, Katie, Gemma, Nathan, Andy, Marcus, Rosy, Cheryl, Jonny, Mick, Trevor
Last Thursday, at Clive and Wendy’s house, there was an inaugural meeting of family and friends. They were there to discuss Clive’s project to put on an exhibition of what we believe will be the first for a photography exhibition in the UK where standard 2D photographic prints from Clive and his university students’ will be displayed together with tactile versions of the same image.

Katie, Gemma, Nathan, Andy, Marcus, Rosy, Cheryl
Wendy reports that, “the meeting went really well. Marcus sort of chaired it. There was lively discussion about the venue and content. Everyone was keen to take on some jobs and we all got very excited about the gadgets that Sue Coggin (SRSB) brought with her especially the one that, when held against an object, speaks its colour.”

Jonny, Mick, Trevor

Paul (Clive’s younger brother) adds, “there was definitely an intense desire to make this a successful exhibition. In this group, we appear to have brought together a great source of skill sets, graphics, printers, web designers, curators and liaisons with Clive's industrial employers, universities and local organisations. Sue from SRNB was incredibly supportive offering technological gadgets and another printing source based in Sheffield.” Paul is writing a mission statement, which will state very clearly the aims and objectives of this project and where Clive is in it; I shall post it as soon as it’s done.

Paul, Sue, Wendy, Katie

Wendy says that Clive is very emotional. “He can't see any improvement in himself and it's really getting him down.” She believes that, in some part, it's because there is some improvement and he is more aware. “We are getting him out of bed and doing his exercises and he doesn't seem to be sleeping as much.” He needs our support and love as much as ever, so please keep your messages coming.

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