Wednesday, 16 April 2014

News from Spain

Cristina Velasco, who is managing this project for us has sent news of the next stage of the process to turn Clive's photo into a tactile image:

"After the study of the image, and the decision of where and how to apply the volumes and textures in the image reproduction, in Estudios Durero begins the creation of the digital files that will be the base for the photograph reproduction. This is one of the most complicated and long steps of the process. It is where the knowledge of image and its digital treatment is mixed with the possibilities of the latest technology. This is a determining point, when from a 2D image we create the base of a 3D reproduction, that has to be absolutely faithful to the original image in sense and message."

In the next blog, I'll upload some very close-up photos of Juan's photo of Aziza Brahim that Marcus has taken, which clearly show the variety of textures used. There's news of how Clive's doing and, on Thursday, there is the first meeting of the ever-expanding group of people that are going to organise the Sheffield exhibition.

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